#3.Details Of The Flag Register(FR) And Bit Fields

  • The flag register is a 16-bit register sometimes referred as the status register. Although the register is 16-bit. Not all the bits are used.
  • Conditional flags: 6 of the flags are called the conditional flags, meaning that they indicate some condition that resulted after an instruction was executed. These 6 are: CF, PF, AF, ZF, SF, and OF.
  • The 16 bits of the flag registers:

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#1.Addressing Modes of the 80386DX(x86) Microprocessor

Assembly Language

As it is possible to access directly to microprocessor, assembly language is the most powerful computer programming language available and it gives programmers the insight required to write effective code in high-level languages.All writing codes of high-level programming languages converting to Assembly language, with this way computer can determine what the written program means.

When executing an instruction a special function is performed on data, These data are called operands.

e.g. MOV AX,BX   –> “AX&BX” are operands

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